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Thanks for visiting MedmatchMD website!.

♦️I appreciate your engagement and I hope the information provided has been valuable to you. MedmatchMD is an online platform that helps premed students search close to 40 different Caribbean medical schools so you can make an educated decision on choosing the right school and ultimately fulfilling your dream of becoming a doctor.

♦️The website includes testimonials from incredibly successful doctors that have graduated from offshore Caribbean medical schools and are actively practicing in the United States. Also included on the website is a blog that will give you tips on applying to Caribbean medical schools.

♦️For those that do not know, an Off-shore Caribbean School is a medical school that caters “primarily to North American students, wishing to practice medicine in the US and Canada” compared to regional medical schools that focus on their home nation. Most off-shore medical schools are primary located in the Caribbean.

♦️When you get accepted into a Caribbean medical school, you spend 16 to 24 months on the island where your school is located, studying basic medical sciences after which you return to your home country which in most cases is the United States or Canada to complete your clinical rotations. The vast majority of Offshore Caribbean medical schools have clinical affiliations with hospitals and clinics in the United States with a few options in Canada.

♦️MedmatchMD website gives you an opportunity to search each individual school, location, year established, basic and clinical science tuition, MCAT requirement, accreditation, schools that are eligible for US federal student loan and Canadian student loan programs. Also included is United States medical licensure exam (USMLE Step 1 & 2-CK) pass rate, Schools where graduates are eligible to practice in all 50 states of the United States, schools that offer clinical rotations in the United States or Canada as well as contact information to schools.

♦️For medical students applying to US or Canadian schools as always, I recommend you apply to as many schools as you possibly can. The more schools you apply to the greater your chance of getting accepted. However keep in mind that less than 50% of those that apply to schools in the US and Canada actually get accepted. So you always want to have a plan b and an open mind to Offshore Caribbean schools.

♦️If you’ve applied to US or Canadians schools and have not gotten accepted, you have two options if you still want to pursue your dreams of becoming a doctor.  You can try to re-apply which essentially means waiting another year or consider applying to an offshore Caribbean medical schools.

♦️The last thing you want to do is quit, because he didn’t get into a US Or Canadian medical school.  I was in the same boat as you 18 years ago but I did not quit. Instead, I applied to a Caribbean medical school got accepted, completed my basic medical sciences on the island, returned to complete all my Clinical rotations & Residency training in the United States alongside my colleagues that attended medical schools in the US. I even had the awesome opportunity of serving as Chief Resident in my residency program. When I look back, I’m glad I did not quit! Glad to let you know I fulfilled my dream of becoming a Doctor!. I am a Board certified Family Medicine Physician and have been in practice for close to 10 years.

♦️My goal is to inspire you and make you realize there is no reason strong enough to stop you from for fulfilling your dreams!


To Your Success!

Dr. Ola Kolawole

Board Certified Family Medicine Physician


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