Caribbean Med School Grad & Anesthesiology Resident, Dr. Tayo Akadiri on MedmatchMD Spotlight

In this Video, Dr. Akadiri discusses attending a Caribbean Medical School-American University of the Caribbean (AUC) in the beautiful Island of St. Maarten as well as matching into a competitive-Anesthesiology Residency. He provides a wealth of insight and advise to Premeds and Medical students interested in pursuing a similar. Enjoy!

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Did you know that less than 50% of applicants are accepted to US medical schools?
Many of these students are not only qualified but competitive however there’s just not enough spots. Are you are a premed or non-traditional student who is frustrated & loosing hope due to unsuccessful attempts of getting accepted to US or Canadian Medical Schools, and just want to be given a chance to fulfill your dream of becoming a doctor?. Meet MedmatchMD where we help students like yourself make an educated decision of choosing the right school so you can fulfill your dream of becoming a practicing physician in the United States and Canada.

MedmatchMD is a centralized online platform where students can search and compare close to 40 Caribbean Medical Schools side by side.
I am Dr. Ola Kolawole board-certified family practice physician & Founder of MedmatchMD. I was that frustrated student many years ago with the goal of giving premeds a second chance of fulfilling their dream.
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