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MedmatchMD Spotlight with Dr. Leenah Chughtai- Internal Medicine Resident, Saba University School of Medicine Graduate

♦️I had a wonderful time chatting with Dr. Leenah Chughtai, a Canadian Graduate of Saba University, an off shore Caribbean Medical School located in Saba, an Island in the Caribbean Netherlands. Dr. Chughtai matched into Internal Medicine Residency this year and she is currently in her first year of Residency. ♦️Check out MedmatchMD spotlight where […]

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Carribbean Medical Schools discussed by two successful Alumni & practicing US Physicians

♦️Check out a video of my childhood BFF & I! Both of us dreamed of becoming doctors, Both of us graduated from a Caribbean Medical School! Both of us Became Doctors👩🏽‍⚕️👩🏽‍⚕️, Both of us are Board Certified in Family Medicine….Dreams do come True!💃🏽💃🏽 ♦️Check out MedmatchMD spotlight where I highlight Amazing Caribbean Medical Schools, Medical […]

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My Story

It was 2001, I finally decided to pursue my life long dream of becoming a Doctor. I had just walked away from an amazing masters program in Physical Therapy……nothing wrong with Physical Therapy but the truth was somewhere deep in my inner core, I knew I wasn’t pursuing my dream of becoming a doctor, and […]

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Are you a premed student who always dreamed of becoming a Doctor?

Video Update: Video was recorded prior to website Launch. Website has close to 40 Caribbean Medical School Are you a Premed Student who always dreamed of becoming a Doctor? You did your best in college, got good grades, took the MCAT and applied into medical school only to receive rejection upon rejection letters, making you [...] Read More

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