Are you a premed student who always dreamed of becoming a Doctor?

Video Update: Video was recorded prior to website Launch. Website has close to 40 Caribbean Medical School

Are you a Premed Student who always dreamed of becoming a Doctor? You did your best in college, got good grades, took the MCAT and applied into medical school only to receive rejection upon rejection letters, making you feel frustrated, discouraged, like a failure, and not knowing you have options.
My name is Dr Ola Kolawole I’m here to let you know that doesn’t have to be the end, it can literally be the beginning, 18 years ago I was in the same boat as you, however, I didn’t let that stop me but rather propel me into discovering a valid and wonderful alternative ….the rest…is history. I got accepted into one of the best Offshore Caribbean medical schools, completed both my clinical rotations and residency training in the United States, had the awesome honor of serving as Chief Resident at my residency program, graduated, Board Certified in Family Medicine, and have been in practice for close to 10 years post-residency and living my dream of being a Family Practice Physician.
I believe everyone with a dream of becoming a doctor should fulfill it. That is why I created MedmatchMD an online platform that helps premed students narrow down the decision of applying to offshore
Caribbean Medical Schools. MedmatchMD easily does the work for you and instantly compares close to 40 Caribbean medical schools with multiple requirements side-by-side, so instead of searching individual schools for hours, it is easy to get to a decision and choose the right school with a couple of clicks.
My goal is to help you explore your options and get you closer to fulfilling your dream of becoming a Medical Doctor.
So that one day I can call you my colleague in Medicine.

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